Overhaul of Pure1 Views

How does our customers like the current view?

Usage of views drop over time. People are forgetting about this feature!
1% of Adoption Rate, very large room to grow!
User tend to assign a name for the views, either they like type out names or they didn’t aware this step can be skipped.

Hurdles in Using Views

  • Plan ahead is required: There is a dedicated “View” pane detached from “Users” pane, admins need to know clearly how they want to set filters in view as well as assign them to users ahead of time.
  • Extra Naming effort: To create a view, admins need to name it manually. Not to mention this is some mental and motor effort people try to avoid, turns out even if they do, admins generally name views in a random manner, which turns each clearly defined filter into a random name, like “Disney”, “DB IS”, “CORP”, “CHINA” which may prevent them from using further. Datasheet
  • Unintuitive Assignment: “Simple filter” turns out to be an “Easter egg” feature available to admins only, but it is so hidden that even many Pure employees didn’t discover.
  • Difficult Selection: Current selection of views under user setting doesn’t show detailed filter configuration.
  • Inflexible Update: If updates were to be made to a single user’s view, admin need to create a new view in “views” pane and come back to finish assignment. There is no means to update any views on the fly.


Assign and Create Views on the Spot
  • Access Control: The ability to assign a view should be available upon configuring user access control.
Auto Naming Pattern
  • Auto Naming features: As many users create never used views, or non-filter views, looks like they struggle with giving a meaningful name to them. Why don’t we ease up their mind by directly name the view for them based on the filter assigned? So they can save the trouble of naming views manually.
Resizable Input
User will be able to delete any view on mouse over or create a new view with other filters.
Interaction on Views
Auto named View with multiple filters
Sample workflow chart
  • Advanced features like Save and Update of an existing view are not only available to the Views page, but also accessible on the spot at user access control component.
Views Panel
  1. The Views remain being a corner use case, only applies to a small group of user when administrator wants to restrict access.
  2. Significantly more customers has started noticing this features, begin exploring and making use of it. New designs bring better discoverability and usability to the feature.
  3. Views are definitely a useful tool for customers to easily configure the role-based access control for their user base. As Pure onboard new customers, new customers are trying to make use of it.
  4. What didn’t work: Simple filters (Unnamed views), engineers team doesn’t believe it will be useful, so naming is still a required process in creating of a view.
Max Assignees and Average Assignees/View remain almost the same.




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